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I’m worth every piece of myself

I never thought I would find myself being in love again.

Never thought I could love again.

Never thought I could love someone more after all the heartache I've been through.

But I did.

I found someone, so precious, so deserving of my love, I don’t know if I'm deserve her love.

And when was the last time I felt like this? Never.

Someone that checked pretty much all my boxes. I found her.

At this very moment, I thank everyone that has given me shit, broken my heart, and was stupid enough to break me, and who’ve let me go. (I’m sure as hell I’m a fucking good lover)

Because, without all those heartbreaks, I wouldn’t have known what I wanted, what I deserved, or what I was missing out.

And then, here you come walking casually into my life.

Showing me that I’m worth it, that I’m worth every piece of you.

Showing me that I’m worth every piece of myself.

Who knew someone could just walk into my life, love all of me and actually convince me to love myself?

Is this what love really is? Because if that's what it is, I’ve known “love” wrong for a long long time.

Who knew in such a short time, I could make someone my everything?

Being able to sacrifice the world for her, in a snap of my fingers.

I would do anything to make her happy, to just see her smile.

It’s scary, it’s so scary that I could love someone so much, in such a short time.

Who knew, that there would come this there, where I finally believe in love.

Where I’m giving in to love without actually letting doubts get in the way.

Now that love is in front of me, I’m going to love with all I have.

Thank you for choosing to love me.

Thank you for showing me that I’m worth every piece of myself.

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