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My First Lesbian Sex Experience

"Are you sure it's your first time? Because, it sure does not feel like it."

When I heard that line right after it went down - I was thanking all the sex goddess I've been watching, and learning from. (Thank you, Porn.)

WOW! Was literally the first word that came out of my mouth.

That experience was mind blowing, a little bit confusing, but also tense!

(It was my first time after all!).

Here is what I did right before the magic happened.

I mean, I already planned in my head, that IT IS GOING TO GO DOWN TONIGHT!

  1. Showered. (Please shower before sex people, it's hygiene.)

  2. Had my "Punani" (aka, Vajayjay) all cleaned up, and as smooth as ever.

  3. Brushed my teeth - and added a scrub on my tongue as well.

  4. Cut my nails - filed it (always file your nails, girls!)

  5. Put on my sexiest bra and tongs - not the granny ones.

  6. Put my sexy game on. (I might have prayed)

So...I stepped into the room, and there she was, laying in bed, lined with cheap $10 cotton bedsheets.

We looked at each other, and we knew. We so knew what was going to go down. I got in bed, tucked one hand under her neck and had a little cuddle. This slowly turned into making out.

And the entire time, I was like "do I now put my hands down her undies? Or do I have to ask? Or do I put her hands down my undies?"

Thankfully, it happened naturally. Our hands found their way under our shirts - caressing you know where, and it eventually moved in between our thighs.

And at that moment - there I was, thankful for the 6 things I did before this. And I almost, almost said "Do you like it?" (Something I learned from porn too), but I didn't because it just didn't come naturally to ask something like that?

But to my surprise, I heard this voice asking - "Are you an outside person or an inside person?"

I mean, I have never seen this in porn. Did this matter?

So I told her - that I was an outside person (Clit stimulation), and since she asked me, I figured I should ask her the same question. To my surprise, she isn't an outside person, but she prefers inside (Penetration).

"WHATTTTTTTT???" - was my exact reaction.

It came as a shock to me! I thought all women are the same.

I thought what I experienced myself, was what other women experienced too. (to my defence, I was really young and inexperienced.)

It was a little weird to me, that she went down on me orally - and she didn't want the same for her (hello, porn - are you teaching me the wrong things?)

I did it as she asked. Surprisingly there was also a lot of communication that went on.

  1. Did you cum?

  2. Does it hurt?

  3. Can you cum again?

  4. Shall I continue?

  5. Is there a certain way you like it?

  6. Tell me how you'd want it.

Confession - I had no idea that a woman can orgasm again, and again, and again, and again. This is what I meant by "WOW" at the start of my story.

It felt like the whole night has passed. And my arms were almost falling off, my face was numb - and I honestly was thinking to myself, "how do I tell her, let's stop?" Hahahaha. (I know, it's funny.)

After our sexy time - we laid shoulder to shoulder, (being very cautious that we don't use our "sex hands" to touch each others faces) and had a very open chat about how my first time was. I even asked her for "feedback", and I got some. Apparently, when porn shows "rough" - it doesn't really work all the time.

Lesson learned: Rhythm is Key.

Overall, I am thankful that my first sex experience was a smooth sailing one. I learned a lot from what my partner was doing, replicated the same techniques on her and communicated.

I felt safe, and that plays a huge part in "Sex".

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